SpaceUp Community Marks

SpaceUp, the SpaceUp bar-shaped logo, T minus 5, and the T minus 5 logo are service marks of the San Diego Space Society ("SD Space"), administered as community marks by the community of SpaceUp organizers and attendees.

How community marks work

Community marks were defined by Chris Messina, one of the organizers of BarCamp. The idea is a simple one: rather than asking a single company or organization for permission to use a community mark, you just go ahead and use it. If the community doesn't like what you're doing in their name, they'll let you know.

In practice, you call something a SpaceUp if you think it is one. As long as you aren't using the SpaceUp name or logo to commit a crime or promote something that has nothing to do with space or unconferences, you should be fine. If you are doing something awful under the SpaceUp name, anyone in the community can let SD Space know you're being a jerk and SD Space will shut you down.

Note that a procedure for reporting and shutting down SpaceUp impostors hasn't been developed, so please don't be the jerk who makes us create that process. We have more important things to do.


The name is spelled SpaceUp, with a capital S and U and no breaks in the name. No one will scoff at you for spelling it a bit differently on occasion, but please try to keep it as SpaceUp in any official literature.

The plural of SpaceUp is SpaceUps, as in "we've had four SpaceUps so far." The people who attend SpaceUps are… well, we don't have a good name for them yet. Call 'em "attendees" for now, until we can come up with something better than "SpaceUppers."

The SpaceUp logo is a rounded bar-shaped thing with the words SPACE UP written in the Nasalization Regular typeface. You are encouraged to remix the logo for individual SpaceUps.

T minus 5

T minus 5 talks are held at some SpaceUps. See the T minus 5 overview page on the SpaceUp website for format details. Talks in the same format can be held outside of a SpaceUp using the same T minus 5 name.

The T minus 5 logo is still being worked on.

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