Organizing A Spaceup

Now that you've seen how awesome a SpaceUp event can be, you want to start one in your own city. Right? Am I right?

Getting Started

Before you do anything else, get in touch with other SpaceUp organizers. Email gro.puecaps|ofni#gro.puecaps|ofni and ask to be added to the organizers mailing list. You might even find that other organizers are already working on a SpaceUp near you.

Because SpaceUp is a kind of BarCamp, the second thing to do is check if there have been any BarCamps in your city. If so, the people who organized them are natural allies to have on your organizing team. They'll know all about venues, cheap eats, managing the chaos, and getting in touch with the local tech community.

Promoting Your Event

The leaders of Startup Digest, a targeted weekly email to tech entrepreneurs, are more than willing to share your SpaceUp event with their readers. A few weeks before the event, go to their website and click on "US events" next to "Submit your events to us."

Organizers Checklist

TO DO: Add a suggested schedule for planning a SpaceUp, based on the Hosting Hackathons timeline.

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