San Diego 2011 Attendees

Attending SpaceUp San Diego 2011 in person or remotely? Add your information here!

Attendee Affiliation Twitter Days Attending Three-Word Bio
Chris Radcliff San Diego Space Society @chris_radcliff Saturday and Sunday citizen space scientist
Jesse Clark San Diego Space Society @JesseSClark Saturday and Sunday
Joi Weaver @Joi_the_Artist Saturday and Sunday space geek artist
Brent Bernasconi San Diego Air & Space Museum @bernasconi Sunday teach them space
Emory Stagmer UnTied Music @VAXHeadroom Online Saturday and Sunday writes satellite software
Pete Riesett Spacevidcast @priesett Online Saturday and Sunday lunatic software developer
Bruce Allen San Diego Space Society @ballen3787 Saturday and Sunday SpaceVidCast Hanger-on
Neda Ansari Team Synergy Moon of GLXP and Space Renaissance
Kate Arkless Gray @spacekate
Kevin Baird Green Desert Productions @KevinBaird
Catherine Baker @cmilesbaker
Heather Banic UC San Diego
Randall Clague XCOR Aerospace @rclague
Kelley Clark San Diego Space Society
Michael Clive Acceleren Kinectics
Dave Dressler SDCOE
Lee Fuhr @leefur
Eric Gever Boeing @seg9585
Erik Hall
Cariann Higginbotham Spacevidcast @Cariann
Mat Kaplan The Planetary Society @PlanRad
Geoffrey Licciardello XCOR Aerospace, Inc.
Boris Lipchin SpaceX @lenorin
Roderick Mann Latency: Zero @JetForMe
Molly McCormick Orbital Outfitters @Molliway
Saura Naderi
Derek Nye @DNye
Scott Olson General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc.
Hans Paar UC San Diego
Jesse Powell UCSD
James Pura Space Frontier Foundation
Craig Remillard SpaceX
Alvin Remmers Moonandback Media @MoonandbackGuy
Rusty Rogers Moonandback Media
Matt Sachtler SpaceX @mattsachtler
Brian Schrader
Robert Slavey CVI Melles Griot @slavey
Mark Street XCOR Aerospace
John Tantalo @tantalor
Gregory Wagner University of California, San Diego @greglw00
Jeffrey Wallace Intelligent Integration @rocketman528
Gerry Williams Williams Production Company @FILMIST
Morgan Barrett @MorganCeili
Shannon Moore @AGeekMom
Mary Radcliffe UCSD Saturday night
Scott Norman SpaceX
Baird Hendrix SpaceX
Will Wright
Kiko Dontchev SpaceX
Robert Augusta SpaceX
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