San Diego 2012 Attendees

Attended SpaceUp San Diego 2012 in person or remotely and want to stay in touch? Add your information here!

Attendee Affiliation Twitter Three-Word Bio
Chris Radcliff San Diego Space Society @chris_radcliff SpaceUp Dancing Monkey
Joseph Gruber @josephgruber PM DCDrinkUp LaunchWatch
Robert Holland Military Space Officer
Joi Weaver @Joi_The_Artist Mars Science Fiction Art
Katie Kenfield Arts Craft Stuff
Jess Sanders Emporium Manager Curious Exhuberant Amphibious
Verne Hilderbrand Retired Sol Rad Satellite
Jerry Volland InterPlanetary Express Inventor Entrepreneur Mad-Scientist
Emory Stagmer Satellite SW & Systems Eng @VAXHeadroom Lunar Demolitions Expert
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