San Diego 2012 Sessions

Day One

Time Pod One Pod Two Pod Three Pod Four
Check-In 1100
Opening Session 1130
Session One 1330
Session Two 1400
Session Three 1430
Session Four 1530
Session Five 1600

Day Two

Time Pod One Pod Two Pod Three Pod Four
Breakfast / Check-In 0900
Opening Session 0930
Session One 1030 Thorium! Energy Now for Earth, Moon, Mars… (Eric Robinson) Go Fish Game Missions as Reality TV! (Rob Holland)
Session Two 1100 Star Wars & Lego's (Ben Radcliff and Dave Masten) Cold Fusion for Rockets: The E-Cat Energy Catalyzer (Lindsay Quarrie) Find Out That You Are a Space Traveler (Jess S.)
Session Three 1130 Mars Cooking at SpaceX (Molly McCormick) It's Not the Spacecraft! It's the People! (Joseph Gruber and Annie Wynn) My Brain. Your Brand. (Elizabeth Baker)
Session Four 1330 Kick Sat Your Own Sat in Space The Model T of Spacecraft (Chris Radcliff) What Do We Call These People?(Tim Bailey) Heat Mars
Session Five 1400 Yuri's Night (Tim Bailey, CFO of Yuri's Night) Electric Spacecraft Propulsion Religion and Space Travel (Joi Weaver)
Session Six 1430 How to Host Your Own SpaceUp (The SpaceUp Foundation) Mix and Match Computer Modules Space Media: Getting the Word Out
Session Seven 1530 Spacevidcast Kerbal Space Program
Session Eight 1600 MEC Single Stage to Orbit with Integrated Payload (Joseph Gruber)

All Times Pacific Standard Time

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